Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lawrenceville Bottling Company

A Lawrenceville Bottling Company bottle was donated to the Society by  a donor who wanted to know where this company was located and what it bottled.

According to a city directory in 1922 the Lawrenceville Bottling Works was located on Collins St at the Big 4 tracks.

As to the product: While researching the old Ice plant or Lawrenceville Ice and Cold Storage Co. for an article on March 10, 2011 it was leaned that "pops and about thirty of the favorite drinks were manufactured from pure distilled water made on site.  J.D. Foster was the manager with his brother, Tom Foster, having charge of the bottling works in 1911.  On March 7, 1912 a chemist tested these carbonated water products and found them "pure".  On May 23, 1912 a product endorsement was published by L A Organ, Chief of Police:

Dear Sirs: Having used Coca-Cola for a number of years I thought Coca-Cola the only drink until by chance I tried Gay-Ola and was at once struck by its rich Cola flavor and now I much prefer Gay-Ola to Coca-Cola."