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Lawrence County Men Drafted for the Civil War

The list of drafted men in Lawrence county, Ill. published in "The Weekly Western Sun" of 1 Apr 1865, contained 84 names - 36 from Lukin Twp, 42 from Russell Twp,  and 6 from Denison Twp. The researchers are still struggling to understand the concept of quota, credits, excesses, and deficiencies in each county.  Perhaps, the other townships in the county had met their draft quota and  Lukin, Russell, & Denison had fallen short. The researchers had originally thought that Lawrence Co had been credited with more soldiers than its quota - meaning no draft was necessary.  Yet, 84 men from 3 townships had their names drawn at Olney.  (Lucky guys!)  

Some served, some paid substitutes to serve for them.  Examples of those who served include S.B.F. Keneipp, Bazil Hill, Daniel Bell, Henry Cunningham, Eli Bunn, Abisha Turner, James R. Hill, Daniel Ransbarger, and Joseph Winship.   Examples of those who paid substitutes include Alfred Pinkstaff (his substitute was Bernard Moan), Joshua Potts, and surely others.
The late Nathalie Brooke Cooper, a member of the LCHS; stated that her Gr-Grandfather Thomas E. Brooke served in Co I, 5th Ill. Cav.& her Gr-Grandfather Joshua Potts bought himself a substitute:  " “Thomas Brooke had 12 kids leaving 6 kids at home when he volunteered and went to the Civil War.  Granddad Brooke did not approve of those who bought themselves out of serving in the Civil War such as her Grandfather Potts." (We wonder what his wife said as he waved goodbye, leaving her with 6 kids still at home.)
Collection: The Civil War 
Date: September 10, 1864

THE DRAFT—QUOTA OF THE ELEVENTH ILLINOIS DISTRICT,—Following is the quota of the counties mentioned composing a portion of the Eleventh (Ill .) district:

Crawford —Quota, 1,448; credit, 1,144; excess in sub-districts, 9; deficiency of sub-districts, 313.

Jasper—Quota, 770; credit, 817; excess in sub-districts, 78; deficiency of sub-districts, 31.

Richland—Quota, 1,025; credit, 1,485; excess in sub-districts, 400; deficiency of sub-districts, none.

Lawrence—Quota, 918; credits, 1,007; excess in sub-districts, 140; deficiency of sub-districts, 51.

Collection: The Civil War
Date: April 1, 1865
Title: The Draft In Lawrence County , Ill .

(The following is the list of names, drawn at Olney, submitted for the draft. Spellings are given as they occurred in the paper.Submitted by J King.)


1 Wm R Shrader
2 W M Eamonson
3 S R F Kneipp
4 Basil Hill
5 John C Bedine
6 Andrew Millegan
7 John King
8 Wm Andrew
9 Daniel Bell
10 Julius Starkman
11 Wesley Bell
12 Israel Ruby
13 Charles Hyatt
14 John Canada
15 S H Cunningham
16 Wm Corrie
17 Eli Bunn
18 Philip Gisler
19 Richard Sanders
20 Wm Bell
21 —McCabe
22 Wm Swartz
23 Christian Morrow
24 Jacob S Gold
25 Wm Crage
26 R Nayer
27 Obisha Turner
28 John Bowman
29 H Cunningham
30 Wm Lewis
31 James R Hill
32 John Ridgley
33 Jos Roderick;
34 Ezekiel Gaddy
35 Calvin Williams
36 James Corril


1 Milton Heath
2 John Fisher
3 Wm McAndrew
4 Anderson Funk
5 John J Hodden
6 Wm J Cruse
7 Jacob Miller
8 Dan'l Ranberger
9 Geo Hodges
10 Wm Huff
11 Newt B Brashears
12 Jas Adams
13 Wm Pinkstaff
14 Adam Lackey
15 Wm Benedict
16 Alex Wilbur
17 Chas Thompson
18 Sam'l Lindsey
19 Cyrus Cross
20 Benj Fisher
21 Henry Miller
22 Jerry. Jenkins
23 C B Brashears
24 Isaiah French
25 Geo. Wampler
26 Miles Childers
27 John B Price
28 John Shelton
29 Jesse McCarty
30 Joel Sccrate
31 John Wilbur
32 Jas Wabingtosh
33 Wm A Jones
34 Henry Wampler
35 Wm Johnson
36 Clement Hallett
37 Alfred Pinkstaff
38 John Miller
39 James Mickey
40 H Miller
41 Geo Gillam
42 W P Greggs


1 James Stanfield
2 Joseph Winship
3 John S Parson
4 John G Buchanan
5 Joshua Potts
6 Alex Ryan