Friday, December 26, 2014

Killed by Mule 1860

Date: October 20, 1860

FATAL ACCIDENT.—A young man, named Isaac Moore, residing with Mr. Philip Bible, his uncle, on Allison Prairie , Ill., a few miles west of this city, was thrown from a mule he was riding, a few days ago, and his foot getting caught in the lines, he was dragged until life was extinct. The mules stopped after running a hundred yards, and his younger brother got to him when he was but little hurt, but, in trying to extricate the unfortunate one, the mule took fright and ran down a lane, when the young man was literally beat to pieces against the fence-stakes. He presented a shocking appearance whom he finally became disengaged. He was then dead!

Irene Black's Cemetery book (1976, pg 227) - "Isaac, our son, born July 4, 1842, died October 12, 1861" - by stone of Anderson Moore & Lydia Bible, his wife.  (buried at Howard  Cemetery.) The  death date should read - 1860.)

As you can see, some mistakes were made by the cemetery readers in trying to read old stones  in 1976 when this wonderful book was compiled.   The size of their task --to read and record every stone in every cemetery in the county --must have seemed overwhelming but what a legacy this book is now to genealogists.

R. Robeson has been searching for obits for Centerville Cemetery, and has found over 456 for people buried there.   Additionally by researching the death records at the courthouse, burials that were made in this cemetery (over 60 at last count) can be  added now to the list even though no stone exists and as such no record of   the burial can be found at the cemetery itself.  This kind of research will be an invaluable aid to genealogists.  If you are interested in assisting with this research for a particular cemetery, please add this to your New Year's Resolutions and see a Society member.