Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Byron R Lewis Library

Researchers:  This winter when the snow falls and you are tired of staying inside, but don't want to go too far to research, you might want to check out the Bryon R Lewis Library on the Vincennes Campus of Vincennes University. 

A comprehensive repository of historical documents, books and letters, this collection emphasizes the history of the former Indiana Territory, an area that once comprised the present states of Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and a part of Minnesota.

The Regional History Collection is a comprehensive group of letters, documents and manuscripts dating from the 18th century with an emphasis on the settlement and development of the American Midwest. The collections are of a governmental, business and private nature. There are more than 645 individual collections covering more than 90 feet of archival space. Lewis Library contains collections of photographs, books, pamphlets, newspapers, art, artifacts and other historical materials.

For more information please call 812-888-4330 or email the Lewis Library Assistant at (

Hours are not given on the internet and persistence is necessary to find exactly what you think you want to see, but in the process you may discover other things equally exciting.   For example, the information about Steamboats on the Wabash also pertains to Lawrence County History as well as Knox County, IN. Research on this topic would be interesting and would supplement our files.  If you would like to be a researcher for this blog, or a researcher for specific projects  (of your choice) to share with  the Historical Society, please contact a member through this website:                            (   

Don't forget to stop by our booth at the Craft Fair located at the 4-H center on Hwy 50  from 9-3 this Saturday to do some Christmas shopping.  We have just the book for you!  Also the Museum will be open Saturday Dec 6 at 10:00 so if you want to pay your dues, make a donation, or buy a book there, you can do it while you are waiting for Santa to arrive in the parade later in the day.  Be sure and check out the beautiful window display at Mike Neal's office (West side of the square) and also the greenery that decorates the museum building....(Thanks Esther and Kaye and Larry C)