Monday, November 3, 2014

Samuel Parr 1821

Samuel Parr was a carpenter and house builder living in Knox County in the early 1800’s. He is believed to have helped build the Knox county Courthouse.  He ran for Knox County Coroner in 1816 and Sheriff in 1818, but withdrew from that race because of family troubles.  Sam was expelled from the Masonic Lodge for ungentlemanly and un- Masonic- like conduct in 1817 according to an article in the VINCENNES WESTERN SUN but then reinstated a year later. 

An interesting document turned up in Deed Book A at the Lawrence County Courthouse in which  on July 26, 1821 Samuel Parr created a testamentary trust naming George Scott Parr, Henry Vigo Parr, and  Mary Ann Fanny Parr as beneficiaries , (believed to be his children ---Mary Ann Fanny could have been his wife  or perhaps his daughter) with  James Westfall as trustee to hold these items in trust for the above named individuals forever….one horse, saddle, bridle, bed and bedding , one bureau and sugar desk, sundry other household stuff…..(It actually said “stuff”)   witnessed by H. M. Gilham,  Sam’l.  Dillworth, and T. Dubois. James Westfall filed a memorandum with the court the next day to say he had received these items.  

A few months later on 27 Oct 1821 Samuel Parr’s house and lot #290 in Harrison’s Addition,  Vincennes, where he had lived for 7 years, was sold at a Sheriff’s sale. This was a result of a lawsuit filed against Parr by Wm Burtch.  When this lawsuit was first filed or decided is unknown.

(Without slandering anyone’s ancestor was the lawsuit filed before the trust was created to protect certain assets?)