Monday, November 10, 2014

Profile of John Weaver, Chauncey Farmer 1906

February 1906 Sumner Press: John W. Armitage offered at public sale at the late residence of Joseph Weaver, deceased, three quarters of a mile west of Chauncey, the following property:

·         One good broodmare,
·         One red naturally muley[1] bull, several head of cattle – some to be fresh soon and other young cattle,
·         About 90 head of sheep – 67 ewes to have lambs,
·         Deering mower, Deering steel rake, and Deering corn harvester,
·         two wagons, wheat drill, corn drill, corn sheller, farming mill, plows and cultivators,
·         corn in field and crib, hay in stack and numerous other articles.

[1] The term muley referred to hornless livestock.

 In 1902,  the Bank of J.P. Morgan purchased Deering Harvester Company and McCormick Reaper Company, resulting in a merger that formed the International Harvester Corporation, the largest producer of agricultural machinery in the nation.