Monday, November 24, 2014

Price of Lawrenceville 1821

In 1626 the directors of the West India Company purchased the island of Manhattan for 60 guilders (or $24 US dollars) worth of trinkets.. What do you think was paid for the land where Lawrenceville is now located?  

ANSWER: Two hundred years  after Manhattan was purchased,  the Commissioners of the newly formed county of Lawrence in a state 850 miles away, paid $300 for 20 acres where Lawrenceville, as county seat, would be built.  

Sept 15, 1821 The deed for the sale of 20 acres as part of the Shoals tract ( description includes –“measured from a 15 inch diameter Hickory tree to a Walnut  30 inches  in diameter  for the town of Lawrenceville”-- is recorded on Pages 7-9  Deed Book A in the Lawrence County Courthouse.   Jane Dubois, Wm Jones and Toussaint Dubois, Executors of the Will of Toussaint Dubois, deceased, sold the land  to John Dunlap, James Lanterman, and William Martin,  Lawrence County Commissioners   for $300. This document was witnessed by Thomas B. Dubois, H. M. Gilham, ? McLean, and Samuel  H Clubb.  

(We haven't forgotten about the 'contest' (value of items sold in the 1800's compared to present value) and will publish the entries soon.)