Friday, November 7, 2014

News of Sumner 1906

Sumner Press 1906  

Jan 4, 1906  The businessmen of Sumner agreed to close their businesses at 8:00 pm every day except Saturdays from January 8 to April 1. 

Comment by the Sumner Press Editor:  “Some boys think it awful smart to loaf on the street, smoke cigarettes, curse, swear and use slang and tell and listen to smutty stories, but when a businessman has a good position to be filled, he don't select one of these boys; not much. Had you ever thought of that?”

Jan 11, 1906    The Mayor was  J.P. Jones: Aldermen were J.D. Piper, C.W. Legg, O.B. Baird, J.A. Barekman, G.W. Cooper, L.M. Stiff; Officer J.I. Wagner;  Clerk, J.M. Heady and R.A. Sivert was the  Marshal.   B.L. Cunningham was the City Attorney.

The Illinois State Board of Health reported that 150,000 births had occurred in this state during 1905 and during the same time only 60,000 deaths. The number of males born exceeded the females by 6000.

Gov. Charles S. Deneen offered a reward of $200 and the County Board of Supervisors a like sum for the arrest and conviction of the murderers of Horace Bennett, who was killed at Lawrenceville 10 days ago.

R.A. Sivert was paid $13 for being the Night Marshal and lighting the street lamps. The clerk was instructed to determine the cost of lighting the streets with electric lights and prepare a report at the next regular meeting. Additional lamps for street use were to be purchased.

Jan 18 1906

Former School Superintendents in Sumner had been:  F.W. Cox about 1873 to 1881, C.H. Martin 1881 to 1890, G.W. Lackey 1890- 1894, J.B. Stout 1894-98, Ford 1898, H.W. Hostettler 1898 -1902.