Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Divorce of Henry Bopp

Divorce of Henry Bopp                    Attorneys for the Plaintiff:  Lewis and Sumner

In the complaint filed in December 1902, Henry Bopp stated that he was married on December 10,1901 to Ora Bopp ( no maiden name is given) and lived in Lawrence County with his wife until January 1, 1902 conducting himself as a kind and indulgent husband.  However on December 31, 1901 he learned facts about her that caused him to refuse to live or cohabitate with her since that time.  (By my calculations he figured this out about 3 weeks after they were married…..)

On Jan 1, 1902 in Sumner and at various other times and places, the said Ora Bopp disregarded her marriage duty and obligations and committed adultery and had carnal knowledge with diverse persons that the plaintiff, Henry Bopp, did not know.    He also said that Ora Bopp was now and had been for several months, an inmate of an “ill fame” house in Vincennes as a prostitute.  He therefore wanted the marriage dissolved and declared null and void.  (The Court papers don’t show where he met her.)

The Summons for Ora Bopp was issued on Christmas Eve 1902. 

When the day of the hearing arrived, Mrs. Bopp did not appear.

Henry testified that he knew Ora was an “inmate” of the house of prostitution and not just ‘hired help,’ because he had seen her there. Alfred Bopp was then called as a witness to testify that he had also seen Ora in an ‘ll fame’ house and to the best of his knowledge she had been there about a year.  (So again I ask, “ How is it the Bopp boys knew where she was for the last year?)

The divorce was granted but Henry had to pay all the court costs, and  if he didn’t, the decree would be set aside according to the court documents.