Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deed Book A Lawrence County Courthouse

Early Documents recorded in Book A at the Lawrence County Recorder’s Office 

Page 1 The original plat of Lawrenceville Surveyed June 27, 1821 by John Dunlap, and recorded April 24, 1823.

Page 2 First entry:  April 2, 1817  Charles Dubois and Sarah his wife (she signed her name with an X) of Edwards County sold to William Jones of Knox County for  $300 an undivided  1/8 of 1115 acres lying on the west side of the Embarras in Edwards Co, Illinois Territory, of which Toussaint Dubois, Sr., deceased, purchased from Thomas Hall, William Hall and others and by Will left to 8 children, Susan Dubois alias  Susan Jones, Toussaint Dubois, Henry Dubois, Charles Dubois, Emanuel L Dubois, Thomas Dubois, James Dubois and Jesse  Kilgore Dubois.  This document was witnessed by Rob’t Baird, Jane Dubois, and Joseph Baird.

Illinois became a state on Dec 3, 1818. Lawrence County was organized by an act of Legislature in 1821 from the northern part of Edwards County and the southern part of Crawford County.    Several documents are recorded in 1821 in the Lawrence County Courthouse but originally dated prior to this.

Page 3 April 7, 1817  Charles Dubois and Sarah his wife (she signed her name with an X) of Edwards County sold property to William Jones of Knox County  for $72 –“1/8 of an  undivided part of his share in certain tract of land lying 4arpents by 40 arpents on the Wabash River in Crawford Co, Illinois Territory, a tract Toussaint Dubois purchased from Francis Vigo,  also 1/8 of an undivided part of 100 acres in right of Alexander Lanson alias Lampson and 1/8 of an undivided part of 2 arpents, by 40 arpents back where Ettiene Tromble now lives.” This document was also witnessed by Rob't Baird, Jane Dubois, and Joseph Baird.

Arpent=an old French unit of land area equivalent to 3,420 square meters (about 1 acre), the standard measure of land in those areas settled during the French regime. 

 Page 4  April 8, 1821 Edy (Edoth or Edith) Cole of Lawrence sold 53 acres to Osten ( Austen ) Tan (Tann) for $107 --part of the NW ¼ of Sec 10 T4R11 originally purchased at the Vincennes Land Office. (see the Deed for the description) She signed her own name.  This document was witnessed by Dichey Anderson and James McLean.

Page 5 Aug 14, 1821 Charles Wood and his wife Sarah (X) sold property to Cornelius Taylor for $800  which came to them from the estate of Charles Dubois and was part of the estate of Toussaint Dubois. This document was witnessed by Samuel Leech, Clerk of County Commissioners Court in Wayne Co. Illinois.  Then this document was affirmed by Joseph Martin of Wayne Co., Il   on Aug 14, 1821.

Wayne county was formed in 1819 our of Edwards County and is named after Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne, an officer in the Revolutionary War and Northwest Indian War.