Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Death of 4 Siblings Within 10 days

The Vincennes Sun Commercial published an obituary on August 12, 1930 giving the death of Randy Eugene Vance, 2 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Vance living at 1420 Short Street.  The toddler had died at 11:45 Monday night at the home of his parents.  The body was taken to the home of the grandmother, Mrs. Bert Vance on Allison Prairie where the funeral was held at 2:o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  Burial was in the Centerville Cemetery.

Thursday the day after the funeral the 17 month- old daughter, Edith Catherine Vance, died at 10:00pm at the grandmother’s home. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at 10:00 am at Mrs. Bert Vance’s home with burial again being in the Centerville cemetery.

Death continued to hover near the family of James Vance striking for the third time within a week at the grandmother’s house. James Russell, 5 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Vance died Sunday morning at 4:50 am. His funeral was held with friends and family gathering by the family plot in Centerville Cemetery on Monday morning.

Wilma Lucile Vance, three years of age, the fourth and last child of Mr. and Mrs. James Vance died on Thursday at 8:10 am at the home of the grandmother. Funeral services for Wilma were held Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm, burial being besides her brothers and sister at Centerville.

According to the newspaper articles all the children died after short illnesses.  The first became ill a week before his death. The day following his funeral the other three children became ill while at their grandmother’s home on the prairie.

Death was said to have been caused by colitis, according to the physician’s reports.

The grandfather, Bert Vance, was found dead in his automobile a little more than a year previous, having suffered a sudden heart-attack. 

(Ed Note: Give those little loved ones an extra hug when you see them over the holidays!)