Saturday, November 8, 2014

Contest for Readers

J. Petty, a reader,  asked if I knew what $300 would be in today's  money after the article about  Edmund Rathbone 's bill of sale in 1822 was published.  So I got to thinking...someone out there who has more time than I do currently....could estimate what the value of the goods today would be and let all of us know....

4 horses
1 yearling colt,
3 pair of oxen
5 cows
4 yearling calves
16 sheep
40 head of hogs
2 plows (horse drawn)
1 iron harrow, (horse drawn)
1 wagon and gears, (horse drawn)
4 beehives,
2 log chains, (estimate a length)
2 feather beds and  bedding
1 loom
1 12- gallon kettle
1 18- gallon pot, and
1 grindstone.

In the meantime I will ask one of our local auctioneers, G. Parrott,  to estimate a total, and then we will see who among the readers comes the closest.

( I know someone will ask what does the winner receive---the satisfaction of being right, of course....What better prize than this?)