Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oil King 1982

This photo and article was found in the Lawrence County News Oct 7, 1982. (The article makes it sound like these men are still working in the oil field....)  

"Lloyd Polk, 86 was named Bridgeport’s 1982 Oil Field Day King during the city’s celebration.  Polk was named king because he is the oldest working oil field employee in the Bridgeport area.  Polk’s court consisted of other oil field workers 80 years of age or older.  Front row from left: Polk; Orrie Jeffords, 83; Voil Lucas, 90; and Rex Laughlin Sr, 91. Back row from left: Henry Crewell, 83; Charles Cronin, 85; Charlie Boldrey, 81; George Richardson, 83; and Ellis Palmer, 80.  Although Palmer is not the oldest working oil field employee, he has 45 years of service in the field."