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October News 1913

October 9, 1913 Lawrence County News
A. Gordon Boa sold his restaurant opposite the post office to John Inmon, who took charge Saturday.  •  G. W. Mullins purchased the W. G. Adams Livery stock of buggies and horses and for the present will operate the stables.  •  Lawrenceville is up against the proposition of raising $25,000 to secure the extension of the Oil Belt Railroad to the city. So far, only $7000 has been subscribed.  •  Today is moving day at the post office. J. B. Stout moves out and Henry C. Johnson moves in. There will be no change in the office force as all employees are under Civil Service.  •  C. A. Tate sold his popcorn wagon to William Carrell of Robinson and left Sunday for East St. Louis where he will enter the employment of the American Express Company.  •  Edward O'Brien, 37, a member of an extra gang on the Big Four, was struck by the South bound passenger train in Birds, early Monday morning and seriously injured. It may be necessary to amputate the left arm at the shoulder. O'Brien is a single man. He was working on the track and did not hear the approaching train.  •  At the meeting of the official board of the M. E. Church, Monday night, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year; A. M. Milligan, chairman; Lyman W. Emmons, Sec.; G. M. Highsmith, Treas.; C. D. Carter, chorister; Mrs. R. L. Gordon and Mrs. C. D. Carter organists; J. O. Smith, chief usher; H. K. Seed, G. P. Gordon, and J. J. Gould, building and grounds committee.

October 16, 1913 Lawrence County News
A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crosser Wednesday.  •  Marriage licenses issued this week: Virgil J. Simms, 22 of Christy town and Hazel B. Price, 20, of Bridgeport; Henry L. Crothy, 32 and Carry E. Propes, 19, both of Bridgeport.  •  Miss Edna Lesseig is assisting Miss Nina McKibbon with in the office of the Citizens Telephone Company.  Miss McKibbon is preparing to take a vacation and rumor has it that it will be permanent.   •  The 9th annual meeting of the Wabash River Section Dental Society was held in Lawrenceville, Monday and Tuesday. At the election of officers Dr. C. E. Duff was named vice president and Dr. L. L. Rice of Bridgeport, librarian.  •  Mrs. Kerry Stanfield, 40, died at her home in St. Louis Wednesday evening of last week and the body was brought here for burial.  •  Christina Derr, 78, died last Thursday. She was born in Germany and came to the US in 1846. 10 years later she and her husband came to Lawrence County where she continued to reside until death. Four children were born to this couple, two of whom with the husband and father, preceded her in death. 

October 23, 1913 Lawrence County News
 The first snow of the season fell in this vicinity Monday afternoon. It was a miniature blizzard and lasted for a couple of hours.  •  C. F. Breen has purchased a half interest in the Airdome from Titus and Jones. The building is being repaired and when completed will be opened under the management of O. C. Redman.   •  Harvey, 11 year old son of Victor Litherland of St. Francisville, was killed Friday afternoon when he attempted to board a freight train at St. Francisville. He lost his hold on the ladder and fell under the wheels.  •  Mrs. Frank Clark, 31, died Friday and was buried Saturday. Dropsy was the cause of death. Saturday evening her two-year-old adopted daughter died of ‘summer complaint' and was buried Sunday. The Rev. J. T. McCreery officiated at both funerals.  •  Marriage licenses were issued to the following couples: Joseph Edwards, 26, of Paris and Emma Davis, 18, of Lawrenceville; Paul. Stangle, 27, and Fay McAllister, 24, both of Denison town; William A. Clark, 62, of Cannelburg, Indiana, and Mrs. Nancy Albright, 63, of Bridgeport; Joseph F. Stine, 60, of Petty town and Mrs. Marcia Dixon, 4,7 of St. Francisville.  •    Judge Green adjourned Circuit Court Friday. 18 true bills were returned by the Grand Jury as follows: Larceny, 4; Burglary, 1; Obtaining money under false  pretenses 1; Rape, 1; Speeding on Public Highway, 3; Assault with deadly weapon, 3; Mayhem, 1; Competence game 1; Forgery, 1; Selling liquor in anti-saloon territory, 1.

October 30, 1913 Lawrence County News
Marriage licenses of this week: Earl Fye, 21 and Lyda Bell, 19 both of Petrolia; George W. Andrew, 27, and Nina McGibbon, 27, both of Lawrenceville; Oscar Crewell, 23, of Allendale and Mary Beulah Carmody, 22 of Denison town.  •  Four wild geese killed by Robert Funk near the mouth of muddy Creek, attracted considerable attention on the streets last Thursday. They are the first killed here this season. It is a rare thing for a Hunter to get that number in one day.  •  The Board of Directors of the Lawrenceville Machine Company organized last week by electing James Davis, president; C. E. Mylan, vice president, T. L. Andrews Sec. – Treas. Other members of the board are Charles Milliron and A E. Lloyd.  •  Frank Seed, 46, died in his home in Bridgeport Sunday evening after an illness of several months. For 25 years, he was engaged in the hardware business in Bridgeport, retiring recently on account of his ill health.  •  E. E. Saylor, 52, proprietor of an electrical shop in the city was killed Wednesday morning, when his car skidded in the gravel near the forks of the road, east of Lawrenceville, and overturned. His neck was broken. Mr. Saylor had gone to Vincennes to see a party and was delayed in starting home. Earnest Scudder, an employee of Mr. Saylor, was with him when the fatal accident occurred.

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