Saturday, October 4, 2014

News on October 4

October 4, 1893 There was an epidemic of typhoid fever in many Lawrence County areas, several dozen cases being noted. Eggs were selling at $.15 a dozen and butter $.15 a pound. New corn was selling at $.40 and wheat $.53.

October 4, 1922 Lawrenceville lost the second football game of the season, last Saturday at Booneville Indiana, the score being 3 to 0. Bridgeport and Willow Hill tied at Bridgeport 6-6.

Charles G Stoll left Saturday night for Chicago where he enrolled as a student in the medical department at the University of Illinois.

St. Francisville had a special election Saturday to vote on a bond issued of $10,000 for the purpose of building a high school gymnasium and community building. This is the third election called for this purpose and the bonds carried each time with an increased majority. This time the majority in favor of the gymnasium was 84.

The two games with the Cincinnati Reds drew 1800 fans to Havoline Park in Lawrenceville  Monday and Tuesday, and proved very interesting at times in spite of the one-sided scores. Monday, more than 1700 paid admissions were recorded. The Havolines were in poor form and the Reds won 6-1. Tuesday the Havolines were doing better but not good enough and again the Reds won 10 - 5. Cincinnati finished second in the National League and it was hardly expected that they would drop a game to the Havolines.

October 4, 1972 Ward K. Warner was elected president of the People's National Bank in Lawrenceville during the September meeting of the Board of Directors.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Magnus have sold their Ben Franklin store on the West side of the square in Lawrenceville to the Tresslar Company of Vincennes, Indiana.

A Rhesus monkey was captured Thursday afternoon in the beanfield of Louie Vennard south of Russellville, and may now be seen at Red Hill State Park in her new ‘cage’ home.

The Lawrenceville Indians traveled to Carmi Friday night and tied with the Bulldogs in a scoreless NEC football match. The Mt Carmel Aces defeated the Bridgeport Bulldogs 36-0.