Tuesday, October 21, 2014

News of October 1898

October 12, 1898 Lawrence County News
The missionary entertainment at the First M. E. Church last Saturday evening was attended by a large audience. The offering amounted to nearly 3 dollars.  •  Elder and Mrs. Corter, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Dickirson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkwood, Mrs. Bertha Adams, Misses. Vie Warner and Maggie Jones were among those who will leave today for Chattanooga, Tennessee, to attend the general conference of the Christian church.  •  Erve Gosnell’s little son, George, who is attending school here, accidentally had the large bone of his right arm broken Tuesday. During the morning recess he, with other playmates, was playing Buffalo Bill show and one of the boys jerked George over backwards and he fell on his arm.  •    The grand jury adjourned sine die  yesterday morning, having been in session 6 days, and returned 23 indictments; stealing 1; forgery 1; robbery 1; carrying concealed weapons 2; assault to  kill 1; selling intoxicating liquors 4; fortifications 1 (one would think this might require two to be indicted...*) ) ; burglary 1; public nuisance 4; bribery 2; disturbing public meetings 2.  •  (Martin) Luther Cooper near Bridgeport and Miss (Hannah) Luella Kurkey were united in marriage in the home of the bride's mother in Sumner.

October 20, 1898 Lawrence County News
F. W. Tyler went to St. Louis Friday to see and hear Pres. McKinley.  •  The Lawrenceville Butter and Cheese factory is completed. All the machinery is in and ready to begin making butter and cheese.  •  Clyde Price and Charles Roberts, members of the 9th Illinois Regimental band, are home on furlough. Charles has a 30 day furlough and Clyde a 15 day one. They are both looking well. They said the Regiment is in pretty good shape but there have been 14 deaths since they went to Jacksonville. Clyde is a Sgt. of the band.  •  Judge Youngblood adjourned Circuit Court last Thursday morning. On Wednesday evening exercises were held in memory of the late William Robinson.  A number of addresses were made by attorneys, telling of his good qualities as a man and a lawyer.

October 27, 1898 Lawrence County News

The Rev. J. H. Taylor, pastor of the Second M. E. Church, has opened a barbershop over R. L. Fitch’s store.   •  Mrs. Martha Buchanan, widow of the late W.T. Buchanan of Denison died Sunday with paralysis. She was 63 years and a few months old.  •   James F. Snyder of Bond, a member of Company L, 159 Indiana Volunteers, died Thursday with typhoid fever and was buried Saturday in the Derr cemetery. Mr. Snyder was at home on a furlough when he died.  •  The Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, October 18 and fixed the salary of County officers as follows: County judge $600; County Clerk $1600; Sheriff $1500; treasurer $1000.  •  The East St. Louis B &  L Association organized a branch company here last Wednesday with H. W. Curry, president; Lew Buchanan, vice president; A. D. Sprinkle secretary; J. W. McCleave, Treas., and T. B. Huffman attorney.  •  J. N. Rosborough and sons, Charles H. and Watts, have formed a partnership for the purpose of writing insurance and selling real estate. J.N Rosborough, the senior member of the firm, has been in the insurance business for 16 years and is well and favorably known in Lawrence and adjoining counties.

* just wanted to see if anyone was really reading these articles.....