Tuesday, October 7, 2014

History of the Telephone Company in 1909

Lawrenceville Republican April 15, 1909
 The first Telephone Company in the County was organized in Lawrenceville by A.N. Link & Son of Robinson about 1898. After about a year, the company reorganized under the name of the Lawrence County Telephone Company, with a capital stock of $3500. In 1903, it was reorganized the second time under the present name, Citizens Telephone Company with a capital stock of $25,000. In 1908 the stock was increased to $40,000 and the present building erected.

The company now has 1378 phones in use distributed as follows: Lawrenceville 583; Bridgeport 302; Sumner 158; St. Francisville 184, and 151 switching line telephones. In the system are nearly 20,000 feet of cable and 109 miles of toll lines.

The company paid out during 1908, $35,872.71. Of that amount $11,728.37 was for running expenses such as salary, livery hire, etc. The other $24,144.34 was for new work put in, the magnificent new office building on the east side of the square being a part of this expense or approximately $8000 of it. Since January 1, 82 new phones have been installed in the system.

The present officers of the company are A. L. Maxwell, president; A. W. Johnson, VP; H.W. Hostettler, secretary; F.W. Keller, Treas., and James Hardacre, manager. 

(This was the year the telephone company building was constructed on the east side of the square.  See www.lawrencelore.org  for more photos and a description of the interior layout.)