Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport

The First Presbyterian Church of Bridgeport, located at 450 Washington St, was erected in 1873 at a cost of $2,700.
The second Church building located at Main St and Judy Avenue in Bridgeport cost $26,000 and was built in 1913 according to a church booklet published in 1964.
This photograph of the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport is dated 1914, but it is clearly taken in front of the old building.   
  History Detectives: We won't ask you to identify the people in  this picture above, but we will ask if you can identify the people in the 1964 Bridgeport  First Presbyterian church photos below.  In April, 2014 on this blog, we published a photograph of the entire 1964 congregation with names, and so you might be able to  use that to assist you.Just use the search button for Presbyterian church and then print it out along with this one....of course you all already know how to do that now.
7th-12th Youth.  1964
First row:  ? ? ? Judy Saums
4 boys on left side of Pulpit: ? Jeff Gray? ?
3 on right side of pulpit: ? ? ?
Back Row of females: ?  ?  ?  ? ? ? ? ? 

Sunday School 1964
First pew: lady with child on her lap?? then 5 children on front row
Second pew:  Lady at left then 6 children in second row
Third Pew two ladies then 5 children
6 persons in the back row standing....