Friday, October 10, 2014

Explanation Behind Publication of Certain Articles

We are asked why we publish certain newspaper articles.  We think viewers need to read history as it was being written long ago. The perspective that readers had then is not necessarily what readers today might have. While they were interested of course in the news as it happened, we are interested in what effect that news made on history as well as the individuals who lived through it.
With each topic listed below we will try to explain why we thought it might prove to be deserving of future research or of interest to genealogists, of whom there are many who follow this blog.

October 10, 1907 Lawrence County News
Personal:  Paul Ryan came home Tuesday night. He has been playing ball with the Mt. Clemens, Michigan team this year. (See for more information about the Southern Michigan League) Is this Paul Ryan related to Jack Ryan, a Lawrence County ball player who played for Brooklyn Dodgers?
Carl Stoltz and Ms. Florence Case of Petty Town were married in the Sumner UB Parsonage, Wednesday evening. (This marriage is not listed on the Illinois Marriages on-line database It may help the genealogists who read this.)
Harvey A Seed, of south of Bridgeport, was over Saturday. He and his family returned last week from a month’s visit with relatives in Wyoming. (This impressed our researchers as to the extent of travel in the early 1900’s.  It may also give a clue to genealogists who are looking for Seed family relatives.)

Lawrenceville Business: M. J. Jackson has leased his East Side business building for five years. The National Supply Company took the lease and will use the building as an oil well supply store. Tilden Pinkstaff has sold his house and lot on S. Main St. to Dr. Connett and will move to Louisville, Kentucky next week where he has a good position as a cabinet maker. W. J. Kyger and David Hipsher have formed a partnership in the hardware and buggy business. G. W. Wede, who has been one of the partners, will not go into the business. They have rented two of the P.W. Barnes buildings and will occupy them as soon as they are completed.  (These items may help with the business research that is placed on our website…

Oil News: John Armitage of Petty has leased 320 acres of his land to the Ohio oil company, getting $4200 cash bonus and one – sixth royalty.  Armitage says it is the easiest money he ever got. Clyde Tewalt, who went away from home three months ago, returned Saturday. He has been in Chicago, Michigan, and over in Canada since leaving here. He has worked all the time in a cooking tent in the oil fields. The Bridgeport Oil Company has closed the deal with Charles Gher for his 12 acres of ground just South of the city. The consideration was $200 an acre. The company has teams at work grading and preparing the ground for steel oil tanks and loading racks, and the Big Four will build its branches to these racks. (These items may help the oil industry researchers portray life in the county during the oil boom.)

School News: Lawrenceville school board at a meeting Tuesday night, voted to exclude all tuition pupils from the grades. This action was taken because of the crowded condition of the rooms. (This also tends to show the population explosion that occurred with the discovery of oil and the effect it had on local communities.)

Law Enforcement:  Sheriff Van Dement has the following bailiffs assisting him in court: Sam Mills, T. B. Cory, Hall Steffy, Riley Wright, Joe Schrader, 0wen Harper, and Will Daily. (Did crime increase with the arrival of oil field workers?)

Now when you see articles published about news as it occurred years ago we hope you have a better understanding of why we think it is worthy of being included on the blog.