Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Early Yard Sale?

Recorded in Book A Page 11 Lawrence County Recorder's Office

March 11, 1822.   Edmund Rathbone of Lawrence County sold to Washbern Blackmen the following  property: one sorrel horse called Charlie, one Brown horse, one gray horse, one Bay horse and one yearling colt, three yoke of oxen, five cows, four yearling calves, Sixteen sheep, 40 head of hogs, two plows, one iron harrow, one wagon and gears, also four beehives, two log chains, two feather beds and bedding, one Loom, one 12 gallon kettle and 18 gallon pot and one grindstone for the sum of $300 on March 11, 1822.   This bill of sale was witnessed by Tillman Melton and William Hudson.     Some yard sale uh?