Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Charter Members of Pisgah Church -1835

This week the Museum received a copy of some Pisgah church records.
 First Pisgah Church 1835
One was dated March 24, 1835 wherein certain persons in the County requested permission to break off from the Wabash church at Orio and to organize a Presbyterian church by the name of Pisgah in Lawrence county. (If you are not interested in genealogy you might want to skip today's post, but if you are a genealogist, I hope there is some information here to help you in your research.) 

Those persons named were: (alphabetized by editor- not as on they appear on document.  The genealogical notes following each entry was attached to the charter member list of names but the name of the researcher or the date it was completed is unknown.)

Caroline Buchanan: daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Allison) Buchanan; married July 5, 1836 to Rev. Isaac Bennett; died very young as Rev. Bennett was married to a second wife when 1850 census was taken and living with the Thomas Buchanan family; it is possible  that Caroline was a mother of the children in this family

Elizabeth Buchanan: born December 25, 1775; died December 25, 1863; wife of Thomas             Buchanan; formerly Elizabeth Anderson

Jane Buchanan: born September 10, 1802; died March 10, 1874; wife of Walter Buchanan

Rebecca Buchanan (sr): wife of Victor Buchanan; formerly Rebecca Tucker

Thomas Buchanan: born Dec 25, 1794 in Trimble Co KY; died Nov 26, 1876 age 81 years, married 
Elizabeth Anderson May 18, 1815. He was the son of Victor and Elizabeth (Allison) Buchanan.

Victor Buchanan:  born March 10, 1762; died April 23, 1881; was married to Elizabeth Allison     July 28, 1790, the family came from Trimble Co KY and settled in vicinity where Pisgah         Church was organized

Walter Buchanan: born August 9, 1804; died January 31, 1881; age 76 years, three months, 22   days; son of Victor and Rebecca Tucker Buchanan; married January 25, 1825 to Jane Gillespie

Alexander D. Denison: born August 16, 1807; died July 8, 1871; married Mary Ann Crane February 18, 1834; son of William and Margaret Dunlap Denison

John Denison: son of William and Margaret Denison; married October 12, 1848 to Isabella Underwood

Margaret Denison: born May 20th 1770; died October 12, 1851; wife of William Denison; daughter of 
Robert and Mary Gay Dunlap

Mary Ann Denison: born December 3, 1811; died March 6, 1892; married February 18, 1834 to Alexander Denison; daughter of William and Sarah Greer Crane

Nancy Denison: died May 1836; buried in Denison cemetery; daughter of James Eastman of Fayette County Kentucky

Robert Denison: born January 20, 1794; died January 4, 1863; married June 6, 1816 in Fayette    County, Kentucky to Nancy Eastman; son of William and Margaret Dunlap Denison; donated land where Pisgah church was built

William Denison: born July 15, 1767 Rockbridge, Augusta  County, Virginia; died November 30, 1838; age 71 years, 4 months, 15 days; married to Margaret Dunlap; buried in Denison cemetery; migrated from Fayette County, Kentucky in 1818 and settled near Pisgah church

Elizabeth Lawson: believed to be wife of William Lawson because William appeared in 1830 and 1840 census but not 1850; Elizabeth appeared in 1850 census as a widow with several grown children

James Lawson: married Nancy England February 7, 1831; dismissed from Wabash church to join Pisgah; died between 1840 in 1850

Margaret Lawson: born in Kentucky; 1850 census listed as daughter of her widowed mother Elizabeth Lawson

Martha Lawson: married Henry Cauthron April 24, 1833; believed to be daughter of William and Elizabeth Lawson

Nancy Lawson: formerly Nancy England; dismissed from Wabash church to join Pisgah church; widow by 1850; appears in census with a daughter

Sarah Lawson: born in Kentucky in 1850; listed as daughter of Elizabeth Lawson widow

William Lawson: appears in 1830 and 1840 census of Lawrence County; dismissed from Wabash church to join Pisgah; according to records he was husband of Elizabeth Lawson who was dismissed at the same date. He had died by 1850; Elizabeth appeared as a widow on the 1850 census

Elizabeth Melton: formerly Elizabeth Fowler; Mary Benjamin Melton July 14, 1833; he died in 1845 and Elizabeth appears in 1850 census as a widow with two children; the family resided North of Pisgah church; Benjamin is buried in small cemetery Southeast of Bridgeport

Calvina E Miller: released to join Pisgah church; daughter of Mrs. Alsey  Kincaide Miller; Kincaide family lived in Pisgah vicinity

John Newell: born in Virginia; son of Samuel and Sarah Newell

Mary Newell: daughter of Samuel and Sarah Newell; married January 8, 1852 to Benjamin F. Marlon

Samuel Newell: born January 12, 1785 in Winchester, Virginia; died January 22, 1853; age 68 years, 10 days

Sarah Newell (Jr): wife of Samuel Newell; formerly Sarah Adams

Jane Richardson: dismissed from Wabash church to join Pisgah

Nancy Young: probably wife of Samuel Young; in 1840 Samuel Young appeared in the census with six children

Samuel Young: appeared in 1830 and 1840 census; no marriage could be found for Samuel; probably Nancy Young was his wife as they were dismissed from Wabash church on the same date.