Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Charter Members of Bridgeport and Gilead Presbyterian Churches

Bridgeport- First Presbyterian Church Charter members in  1864:
Alexander Bell, Margaret Bell, Hiram Cooper, Alvira Crooks, James Crooks, Cyrus Culbertson, Susan Culbertson, Charles Douglas, Dianna Douglas, Salina Douglas, Alfred M Harris, Mary Harris, James Johnson, Marsh Johnson, Almey Martin, Ensebia Martin, John H Martin, Leoniya Martin, Martha Martin, Mary Martin, Mary H Martin, John A Newel, Margaret A Newel, and Mohulda A Newel. (These names are spelled according to church records.)

Gilead Presbyterian Church Charter members in 1870:
Wm S Craig, Margaret Craig, Wm Emerson Doolittle, Mary Jane Doolittle, Emeline Craig, Naomi Finley, Lorin Alanson Finley, Louisa Provines, Elizabeth Jane Provines, Wm Woods Provines, Caroline Provines, Thomas Alexander Humbert, Julie Humbert, Margaret Orton McCormick, Ricard T Smally, Jane McGuire Smally, Melissa Hills.
Sunday School Class of Gilead 1954

The 26 x 40 ft frame Gilead Church was built in 1870. Located on the Lawrence-Richland county line about 5 miles south of US 50, the pews, windows, doors, and pulpit were finished in ash, with caps and molding of black walnut.  Including the lamps and stoves, the entire cost was $1500.00. Between 7:30 and 8:00 pm Saturday July 8, 2000 a fire destroyed the old county church.  By the time the firefighters from Christy Fire Protection District and the Bridgeport Fire Department arrived on the scene the 125 year old church was about half engulfed in flames.