Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Public Recognition

When a request comes in for genealogy help, it is usually handled by John King, Flossie Price or Joyce Brunson.  A fan posted this review on our facebook page and I think these researchers deserve a little public recognition! 

From Jodi Guentert Hoover:   A huge thank you for all of the help with finding information about my great-great grandparents who were married in Lawrence County in 1900. When I wrote to find information on where to look for marriage licenses, I wasn't expecting anyone to volunteer to find and mail copies of the documents to me! Absolutely wonderful service! 
Thank you for going above and beyond!

(Ed Brumley is another one of  our members who does a lot behind the scenes; he is the person who manages the Historical Society's facebook page. Thanks, Ed.) 

Thanks to Parrott Real Estate and  Auction Company for sponsoring the business webpage on lawrencelore.org.  Our terrific media department had added a link to connect that business with our website.  We are receiving over 3000 page hits a month, so please consider sponsoring an individual page.  If you are a business we can link to your site, or if you would just like to sponsor a page in memory of a family that owned a business on the square we can do that also.  Just contact lawrencelore@gmail.com for more information. And please thank Greg when you see him uptown for supporting the Historical Society!

And thanks to JW Allison for making a donation to help with our electric bill! Much appreciated! (Those pesky bills come every month!)

Make your reservations today for the new Lunch and Learn Series starting Oct 1 (618-943-4317 or 618-945-9573).  ALSO there are still a few seats left on the bus for the Black History Tour Sat  Oct 4 at 9 and 11:30 AM.   Stop by the Chamber and buy your tickets.  (I keep putting this message on the blog...because after an event, someone will tell me...." gee I didn't know what was going on?" so pass the word....)  We NEED you attendance at our events!