Thursday, September 25, 2014

Powers Cemetery

 A deed was located at the County Recorder's office that is interesting on several levels.  First the deed below indicates that a school and church house was to be located on this acre of property. A review of the Early Schools in Lawrence County book, show no schools as being here.  It would have been close to Collins school  but Collins School was in T3 R11. School trustees governed schools within their congressional township so this unknown school would have been governed by the trustees of T3 R 12, the same men who governed Fillmore School.  (See page 8 of the Early School book for more explanation of congressional townships if you are not yet confused.) The earliest deed we have located for Fillmore was dated May 6, 1858, so this could have been  an earlier location for that school district, but the property was not given to the school trustees, but to the county commissioners, possibly  because of the cemetery and church that John and Priscilla Powers hoped would be built there. It was not unusual for school building sites to change in 20 years as pioneer families congregated in different populated areas, and the older school was then too far for the children to walk.    

Perhaps part of this acre was already in use as a family burial ground....some of the  Powers' children might have been buried there by their parents and they wanted to preserve this property when they sold it.  John Powers of Franklin Co, IN had purchased this 1/4 section from the government in 1825 and  married Priscilla Bills in Lawrence County on Nov 23, 1826.  

For those of you without a plat book, it would be at the intersection with Road 600 N (which probably has a new name now since the 911 map change) and Hwy 1 south of Lawrenceville. What happened to this cemetery? Is it under the highway?  It does not appear on a current plat map, or as property even owned by the county, although the state owns 2 acres west of the Hwy at this corner.  This researcher does not know if Hwy 1 was built directly on the 1/2 section North/South line or over to the east of the line so that this state property might actually be where the cemetery was once located.( Are you confused now?...we are trying really hard to do so!)  .....Without following the abstract of title on the described property, the cemetery seems to have disappeared now 172 years later. Anyone have any information about this?  

Deed Book B page 39 Recorder's Office
Deed made November 19, 1832 between John Powers and his wife Priscilla,   and  the County commissioners for the  County of Lawrence who were  C.M. Eaton, Charles Emmons and John Barnes  1 acre given for the use of a church meeting house for all religious denominations and for the use of a school, and for a burying ground in the  North East quarter of section 36 in Township 3 Range 12 beginning at the North West corner of said quarter thence East 20 poles to a stake, then South eight poles to a stake, thence West 20 poles to a stake, then north eight poles to a stake to the place of beginning.  

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