Friday, September 19, 2014

Petty Township Farmer Hangs Himself 1934

Daily Record September 24, 1934     Petty Township Farmer Hangs Himself Sunday

Ralph Guy Daniels, 24, ended his life Sunday morning when he used a buggy strap to hang himself in the smokehouse at his home in Petty Township. Relatives have been unable to discover a motive for his act.

Mr. Daniels was a resident of Petty Township, living east of Chauncey. Sunday morning he did the chores around the farm as usual, returned to the house and left again. His wife supposed he had gone to feed the chickens. Several minutes later she visited the smokehouse in the course of her work, where she found his body hanging from a rafter by the buggy whip.

Coroner C.M. Lewis conducted the inquest at the home at 11 o'clock Sunday. As nearly as could be ascertained, the hanging took place about eight o'clock. The coroner’s verdict was that “death came by hanging with suicidal intent.”

Mr. Daniels leaves his father, Fred Daniels, a stepmother and his wife, Mrs. Faith Dutton Daniels.

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