Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lawrenceville Telephone Exchange in 1962

January 4, 1962 Bridgeport Leader 41 Operators Rotate Turns Answering Calls
The Lawrenceville Telephone exchange is the focal point for telephone service within the County. Bridgeport dial system is self-sufficient except when calls outside the system are desired. Five operators handle the seven circuits making connections with persons within other local or distant as well as foreign countries.

Sumner and St. Francisville systems are contract exchanges with one person being on the General Telephone Company payroll and the other help being responsible to the contract operator. All long- distance calls are handled by the Lawrenceville Exchange.

Seldom do the long-distance operators cross wires into another's panel as each have ample facility within their own bank of circuits. There are nine circuits direct to Chicago from Lawrenceville. When one of the circuits is busy a light burns on each of the five banks. In this manner any operator may switch a call to use the remaining circuit where the light is not burning.

Three panels are needed in a bank of circuits to handle the calls of the Lawrenceville system. Three operators may work the set- up with the cross- over of wires to make contact as needed or one operator may be assigned all three panels depending upon the demand load.

Banks of switchboards are operated 24 hours each day of each week to give worldwide telephone coverage to citizens of Lawrence County by 41 girls.

Shown above are the five long-distance operators that handle calls to all points reading right to left: Joyce Cook, Sumner; Lela  Graf, Bridgeport; and Mary Jane McKeighn, Lawrenceville, others are not identified.