Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Large Pearl Found!

Lawrenceville Republican July 27,1911
"Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock, Frank Plowman and W.A. Ford, who were digging mussels near the North bridge discovered a very valuable pearl, comparable in size to a rather small grape and weighing 20 gr.  It is perfect in form and coloring and the lucky finders have already been offered $750 for it but as yet, it has not changed hands, some people claiming that is probably worth $1000.  It was brought into town and placed under glass at the Citizen's Bank where many people saw it during the day.
   Both Plowman and Ford are industrious, hardworking men and well thought of in the community, and each has a wife and three children to share his good fortune.  Neither man regularly follows the mussel shell business, but only when other work is not pressing.  In the present case they had been digging for three days previous to the  find with the intention of making wages by marketing the shells.
   The above account was written Tuesday.  Wednesday morning Chas Smith, of Mt. Carmel, dealer in fresh water pearls came up and gave one thousand dollars for the pearl, beside buying smaller ones from them.  The find has produced a profound sensation and mussel digging will be popular."

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