Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cunningham's Furniture Exchange

Bridgeport 8, 1962 Local Business to Change Name.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B ‘Red’ Cunningham of Bridgeport, owners and operators of the Indian Furniture Store in Bridgeport since the retirement of Mrs. Cunningham’s father, Grant Wood, in August 1960 are announcing a change in name effective Friday.  The store will be known as Cunningham’s Furniture Exchange. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham and Mr. Wood opened the Bridgeport store in 1949.  They did not move their residence from Lawrenceville here until 1951.  Prior to 1949 Mr. Cunningham was employed as a baker at Paris Bakery. 

The store first opened in the building formerly housing the Catron Pool Hall.  As their business expanded and the Dempsey Bakery vacated the building next door, they  moved into these quarters.  Recently the two buildings have been thrown together in one large display room. 

February 21, (1962)  is  Mr. Wood’s 93rd birthday and Feb 26 is the 13th anniversary of the local store, and the Cunningham’s plan some special sales offers during February.