Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bridgeport Assembly of God Church

This Assembly of God Church is in Bridgeport,Il,  located at 3rd and Jefferson. It is of the Pentecostal denomination. The Historical Society would love for someone in the congregation to provide a history of this church.

Don't forget to check out our Collection of church photos on the website 

Earlier this blog published two old pictures of people enjoying a picnic by the river.  These people were not identified but because they were published on the page about the Loeb family returning from a trip, some readers mistook them for Loeb family photos.  We are sorry for the confusion..the photos were only meant to publicize our August picnic.

Want ad in Lawrence Daily Record Sept 18,1934  Wanted woman or older girl for work in the country. One who will take charge.  Must be able to do family canning.  
 How many "women or older girls" could qualify for this job today?