Saturday, September 6, 2014

Billet School Photos Identified-- Brookside Safety Patrol Photo to be Identified

The History Detectives have been hard at work identifying the Billet School Photos...and I can happily add this time they agree on who is who!

1960 Billett basketball members were identified by several people.  J. Shick named them all : left to right #6 David Shick, #7 Mike Hager, #13 Glen Pargin,#14 David Akin, and #3 Denver Short.           
J. Bogenpohl identified the middle boy as Glen Pargin, and #14 as David Akin.

#13 was confirmed by L. E. Dixon as her cousin, Glyndon “Glen” Pargin, son of Evelyn Lockhart Pargin and Dale Pargin.
J. Schick identified several students in the photograph of Mrs. Kiser’s Billet class:
Front row--?, Evelyn Kimbrell, Mary Jane Davis, ?, Ann Richardson Garrison, and Jesse McClaskey.
2nd row: Johnny Shick, ?, Henry Shick, Jim McClaskey, Bobby McClure, Joe Davis, and ?.
So here is the next photograph to identify.....for all of you Brookside students. 
This is labeled "Safety Patrol, 1970."  Do you recognize anyone? Please let us know.