Saturday, August 23, 2014

Youngest Eagle Scout in Bridgeport 1951

Bridgeport Leader December 13, 1951 Due to the lowering of the age limit and time requirements between ranks, Troop 51 has the youngest scout ever to receive this award within the Council.  The minimum age limit to become a Boy Scout is eleven years, and the total elapsed time requirement between ranks from Tenderfoot to Eagle is now one year; making it now possible to obtain this rank on one's twelfth birthday, which is what Malcolm accomplished.  The Scout's 12th birthday was on Nov 28, and the presentation was made at a Court of Honor held at the Lanterman Park Pavilion on Dec 3.  In the above photo Malcolm Ameter is welcomed by his father Lawrence Ameter, Scoutmaster of Troop 51.  The group is now composed of 12 active registered Scouts of Eagle rank. Other member are Richard Herrin, Jim L. Harper, Bill Preston, Larry Ameter, John Fahnestock, Jerry Miller, Harold Roush, Paul Welton, Don E. Wheeler, Dale Roush and Jerald Waggoner.  Dale Roush, Don E. Wheeler and Malcolm Ameter are Boy Scouts while the other members belong to the Explorer crew within the Troop.

The Historical Society's picnic at Lanterman Park tomorrow, Sunday Aug 24 at 4:00 pm may not be as prestigious, but it promises good food and good fun.  So be a good scout and come!  

OK History Detectives.....these are students of Billett School.  The top photo was taken in 1960 and the bottom one has no date.  Jane Keyser is the teacher and the students are in  grades 1-4.  Can you help us?  (Don't worry..all you graduates of other parts of the county...I have lots of pictures that need names!)