Friday, August 1, 2014

Red Hill State Park Dedication 1955

Vincennes Sun-Commercial  Sept 19, 1955

Governor William G. Stratton dedicated Red Hills, Illinois' newest state park, Sunday afternoon, speaking to a crowd of several thousand persons who gathered there.  A blistering sun and 95-degree temperature gave added emphasis to Gov. Stratton's remarks on the importance of water conservation.  From the speakers' stand, erected on the shore of the park's new 40-acre lake, the governor and other guests could see blackened areas where a dangerous grass fire 24 hours earlier had threatened the park.

"The drought of recent years, broken only partially last spring, has brought home to us what a great resource the Lord has given us in  a supply of water," Gov. Stratton said.  "This park is particularly well adapted to water conservation."

Two National Guardsmen, members of the honor guard for Gov. Stratton, collapsed from the heat Sunday.