Saturday, August 2, 2014

Corrections and New Photo of Fillmore Wildcats 1952

Earlier this week we published the picture of Sears that was given to us with the names included.  I received the following from C.Sechrest:

My dad's, (4th from the left), name is misspelled, it is SECHREST, not SECRIST.  The lady next to Dolly Frederick is Sharon Borden's mother.  I seem to recall that Jerry's last name was Evans(?). I think the second from left was Sharrett(or Sharum?).

Then S. Masters wrote to say that the lady standing next to "Jerry (6th from the right) is Edna Borden.
As to the above photo of  Zion Methodist Summer Bible school: 

D & I Jackman enlarged and printed the picture after it was published on this site and then took it to Zion Church one Sunday morning to come up with the following names. 
Teachers: Leila Mae Jackman and Faye Lefferson
1st row left to right:  Jim Potts, Nora Waller, Jack Potts, Katie Ann Spond, Sue Potts, Janet Akin, ?

Last row: Karen Roan, Mary Jane McNeil (?), Karen Lefferson, Jo Jayne Schrader (?), Janet Jackman, Mary McKenzie, Sharon Lefferson,  John Akin, ?  

JJ Bogenpohl and   E Knollen both agreed that the boy labeled David Akin was really John Akin. 

The Jackmans also passed around the Fillmore School picture and came up with these names:  
Front row: Larry Roan, Jack Potts, Ralph Hull(?), ?, Eldon Ralston, Russell Holmes, Ralph Spangler (?), Jim Potts
2nd Row: Sandy Waller, Mary Louise Newell, Nora Walller, Katie Spond, Jo Jayne Schrader,  ?,   Evelyn Stone,   ?,   Carolyn Buchanan, Paula Greenlee
3rd Row   ?,  ?,   Mike Boren (?), Marjorie Vandermark, Teacher,   ?,  ?, Edgar Holmes Jr.

JJ Bogenpohl  " In the Fillmore picture, I'm sure the boy on Miss Marjorie's right is Mike Boren.  Junior Holmes is the boy on the right end of the top row.  I think maybe the 2 boys to Miss Marjorie's left are Walls boys, but I'm not sure.  The boy standing to Mike's right looks like George Leighty but again, I'm not sure."  

L. Vallette said:  3rd row: Far Left is Harold B. Leib

Any other comments on these photos?

Thank you History Detectives  for all your work....I am sending you another one from that same era  :                               Fillmore 1952......Who are these boys and girls?