Thursday, July 10, 2014

Woman Finds Father After 50 years

This is the last of the stories that made the News in 1974 in Bridgeport.....I have since heard from some of the readers that much more occurred but it apparently wasn't printed or is best forgotten.  We are still interested in what you remember about 1974 so continue to share with us.  

Story of Mrs. Colmer December 5, 1974 Bridgeport Leader-Times

A few weeks ago the Leader- Times received a phone call from Mrs. Howard Colmer of Plainview, Texas. She was trying to locate her family from whom she had been separated for nearly a half a century. Through a front page article and classified ad, Mrs. Colmer's family was indeed found. This is a story that appeared November 24 in the Plainview Sunday Reporter News.

“Last week Mrs. Howard Colmer received a letter from her father. That normally wouldn't be too unusual except that she hasn't seen her father – or even has known he was alive – in almost half a century.

Mrs. Colmer was 18 months old when her mother died and her father left her with his half-brother to care for until he remarried. That was in 1927 and she hasn't seen him since.

“I never dreamed he might be still alive until I received this letter from him and my sister this week,” said Mrs. Colmar.” I was only 18 months old and I really never saw him to remember what he was like. It just amazes me that I have finally tied myself in with my real family.”

It all began one night about two weeks ago when Mrs. Colmer decided to place an advertisement in the Bridgeport Leader Times asking that anyone who knew of her relatives please contact her.

“I was born in Bridgeport and that was the first place I thought I would start,” she said. “The newspaper ran a small classified ad for me and then wrote a story on the front page about my asking to trace my family.”

The newspaper article and advertisement were published November 14 and in the last 10 days Mrs. Colmer has received five letters from either relatives or people who know of her relatives. “My father is about 86 years old now,” she said, “and I have never really seen him. He is remarried and his wife wrote the letter to me from him.”

 “I am glad to hear from you,” her father said. “ I have wondered what happened to you all these years.” 

Mrs. Colmer was born Bessy Elva Earnest in Bridgeport, Illinois to David and Minnie Earnest. However Mrs. Colmer did not know her real maiden name or her birth place until she was 18 just before she married and she needed a birth certificate.  It was the information on the birth certificate that gave her the idea to place the advertisement.