Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update on website

If you haven't visited our new website recently  you may want to check it out.  The west side of the 'Businesses on the Square' has now been added, so by clicking on a building photo on the west side, the history of that particular building will pop up as well as all photos we have or any ads we have found for it.  Remember you must have an upgraded version of your browser to see it.  For example, Google Chrome works for me.

We have also added a feature to pay your membership dues on line with Pay Pal. Check the store on the website for this if you are interested.  And  you will note a new product is offered---the 2014 Photo Contest Calendar for 2015.  They have been ordered and should be available in a few weeks.

The quarterly newsletter is in the final stages, and should be in the mail soon.  If you haven't received yours by the end of the month for sure, depending on t he post office's schedule, it is possible you haven't paid your dues. And speaking of dues, remember the dues and sales of our books, etc is the only income we receive. We depend on those and on the donations that some of you so graciously give., especially now that we are engaged in an extensive capital improvement plan for the museum.  

This web blog has over 250 subscribers who receive a daily dose of Lawrence County history FREE every weekday and most of you have been doing so since 2010.  The membership committee tell us that there are 100 paid members, meaning that some of you are ... shall I say 'users' and not supporters.

We love sharing our history with you, and some of you tell us, the blog is either the first thing you read each day or the last.  So keep us going  by sending in a donation...surely it is worth 10 cents a day......(the editor and researchers hope it is significantly more) but nevertheless help us out!