Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Obits for Dec 1974

The post-it note was invented by Arthur Fry in 1974. It became widely used and available in 1980.
21 year-old Michael Kittredge opened his Yankee Candle factory.
Liposuction was invented by Giorgio Fischer in Rome, Italy.
Jan 16th - "Jaws" by Peter Benchley was published.

A. Dale commented about Billie Hudspeth after we published a series of his baby pictures:   I met Bill and Helen shortly after starting my column in the Bridgeport Leader. Bill contacted me to complement me on my writing. I had known Bill's dad, Oscar Hudspeth, when I was a kid but didn't know Bill then since he was 16 years older than me and had already left Bridgeport. Bill was in the BTHS class of 1939 with my uncle, Tom Dale, and Hallie Hamilton's son, Harold. Bill and Helen met in Divinity school in Cincinnati. I was at their home in Bement several times and had lunch there. Helen made prize winning quality chili. I returned the favor of lunches at their house by taking them out for dinner for one of their birthdays. I owe them a few more dinners. My granddaughter and I attended their 60th wedding anniversary at their home where I met their two daughters, one from Texas and one from Petersburg, IL. After Bill retired from the ministry, he was called by a small Christian Church in Humbolt, IL to be an interim minister. This lasted 17 years. Humbolt and the church were very small and the congregation dwindled down. I called them one afternoon and asked how many were at church that morning. Helen said, "Counting Bill and me there were three." Then the church closed. They are truly a wonderful couple.

Obituaries for December 1974 as published in the Bridgeport Leader-Times**

Eli Waggoner
Raymond York
Hubert B. Hasler
Norton Neal
Jesse L. Hayes
Lela Williams
Edward G. Johnston
Mrs. Nellie Daniels Jennings
William John Morris
June Carie
Carlyle R Meek
Mrs. A. H. Doty
Mrs. Corene Thacker
Mrs. Bessie Luella Stevenson Seitzinger
George C. Angle
Mrs. Emma Heath Diebold
Mrs. Della Jones Gray Chaplin
Mrs. Elsa Corrie Schrader
Alta H. Mills Ford
David Louis Ketterman
George E. Parker
Jack A. Wells
John Cecil Richards
John Wesley Plough
Mrs. Gertrude Kelsey Nehring
Ralph C. Pace
Pert L. Harper
Oren Patrick (Pat) Dowell
Mrs. Blanche Hennen Mayfield
Ralph E. Shank
Miss Lucy O. Pinkstaff
Everett Wayne Thrall
Frank McAdow
Viola R. Lancaster Alford

**Should you want a full copy of the obituary for your genealogical research, stop by the library at 125 E Olive St, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 2-4 pm or by appointment (618-945-7113).  You can also send an email of request to