Monday, July 7, 2014

Dale Moore, Principal and A.M. Gee, Attorney

N. Dale Moore's obituary stated that he taught school for 47 years –
21 years at Sumner grade school, 15 years at Washington grade school, four years of Bridgeport grade school and finished his career by substitute teaching for seven years.On his retirement June 30, 1965 Dale said he started teaching in 1924 when he taught one term at West Point School in Lukin. During the 1925 school year he taught in Plank Road School on Allison Prairie. Then he taught two years in the Sumner Elementary School before becoming its principal for the next 19 years. In 1950 he resigned from Sumner to become the principal of Washington school, south of Bridgeport where he has also assisted with teaching and coaching for 15 years.

Born in Lukin Township October 1, 1904 Dale was the son of Albert and Mary White Moore. After receiving his grade school education in White Oak School in  Lukin,  he graduated from Sumner High School and received his Bachelor’s degree from McKendree College. He also attended University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois and Southern Illinois universities. 

He was married to the former Louisa Moore and they had two sons:  Gene and
Alan Moore. Gene was the Principal of the Bridgeport Grade School and Alan  was a teacher and coach at Brookside School in Pinkstaff.  Alan was also the former principal of Petty School and assistant to Phil Sivert, Superintendent of  Schools, until 1965.

 In addition to being a deacon at the United Church of Christ in Sumner he was a member of the Bridgeport Lions Club, Lawrence County Sportsman's Club and a County Board member for two years representing Bridgeport.

Dale loved to fish.  The photo of him with the 7 3/4 lb Channel catfish that he caught in Red Hills Park Lake was taken after he retired.  He told the newspaper reporter that he put a piece of night crawler on a No 8 bluegill hook and threw it out into the deeper water of the lake about 1:00 pm.  While fly fishing, he noticed the other pole tip giggling a bit and thought a bluegill was nibbling the bait.  Suddenly the pole bent nearly double and he knew something bigger was hooked.  After playing the big fish for some time, Moore retrieved it from the water's edge by hand and had just got it out on the bank when the hook dropped out out of its mouth. 

Dale Moore  died Nov 11, 1974.  

Obituary for Gee Couple 

A.M. Gee,85, and his wife Dorothy Sloan Gee, 84,were killed in car accident Nov 17, 1974 in Palm Beach Fl. when Mr. Gee suffered a heart attack.  Mr. Gee was born in Lawrenceville March 29, 1889 to S. J. and Belle Weil Gee.  Dorothy Gee was born Feb 14, 1891 in Oxford, Ohio, a daughter of Alfred and Luella Adams Sloane.  They were married Sept 23, 1915.  Educated in Lawrence county and at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, and the University of Chicago Law School, Mr. Gee  practiced law here with his father, S. J. Gee.. He joined the Ohio Oil Co in 1920 and  became General Counsel and was a member of the Board of Directors and a Vice President of the company at the time of his retirement.