Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Burglar Arrested For Stealing Pie 1897

Sumner Press
September 16, 1897

Court News

The trial of Ed Westall last week on a paternity charge by Miss Anna Angle resulted in a judgment against him for $550, which being unable to pay or secure, he was remanded to Sheriff Rodrick. Having been so indiscreet as to say he was going to escape, he remains in the 'inner court' for safekeeping.

Sheriff Rodrick now has six boarders.  Deputy Sheriff Thorn, learning that Harry Knight was arrested and in jail at Vincennes, dropped over Monday and invited him to return to the Lawrenceville jail, which he accepted. The authorities think this is the man they had been looking for, who was engaged in the burglary at Seed Brothers, at Bridgeport, a few months ago.

At last we've caught a burglar- a real live burglar right in the act of eating a piece of pie, as he came out of the kitchen of Lewis Gowin’s residence. Night watchman Peter Carr, being on the alert, gave chase, but he soon found the burglar had a good pair of legs. Although at the early hour of 2:30 Tuesday morning; a number of citizens were aroused. It must have been by the unusual sight or sound of a burglar pursuit. While nearing Attorney Seth Rowlands’ residence, the pursued one was suddenly confronted by a barrel of steel, and stopped, whereupon he was taken in charge by the night watchman, and tenderly taken to jail. Being caught in the act, he is a curiosity for Lawrenceville. It is not supposed that he feels very ‘pious’ after his early-morning meal.