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Admits to Charge of Frequenting a House of Ill Fame 1897

Sumner Press
September 16, 1897

An Unsavory Mess in Which the Defendant Admits Everything

An unsavory mess was brought before the public Saturday morning in the trial of Henry Rosco, of this city, on the charge of frequenting a house of ill fame, that of  Mrs. Zack Glouser. Zach abandoned his family several months ago; in fact he was little help to them for some two years before he left.

The complaint was sworn out by Arch Bolding before John Barekman, Police Magistrate, S. C. Lewis, City Attorney, prosecuting and D. T. Clark defending. A change of venue was taken by the defense to B. F. Sumner, J. P.

Briefly stated, the evidence of the prosecution was that Rosco was seen to go into the Glouser house two or three times a day, remaining generally one half hour. When he came the blinds were put down, and that young children were sent out of the house, there being two grown daughters Zena and Lue. Mrs. Glouser in her testimony said that Rosco was the father of the unborn child of her daughter Zena. Rosco, who is a married man, in his testimony admitted this, and said he went to the house for the purpose of looking after the girl, who has since (Monday) given birth to a son. There was also much other testimony given which was not important.

After the pleading of the counsel, Squire Sumner assessed a fine of $25 and costs, the defendant to be committed to the calaboose until fines and costs were paid, or well secured. Late in the evening Rosco sold his dwelling to Mayor Ed C. Wilson.

The Glouser family have been aided by the Township for about a year past. They were informed some time ago by Supervisor Westall that they would receive no more help if they permitted Rosco to visit the house.

The latter came here from Vincennes, and is said to belong to a responsible family. We are informed he purports to  remove from here to Mt. Carmel. Mrs. Glouser is a native of Wabash County, and comes from a good family near Lancaster. Had her husband supported his family as he ought, it is very unlikely they would have fallen as they did.