Monday, June 30, 2014

Oct 1974 Obits and Zion Church and Fillmore School Photos

Bridgeport Business News October 1974
P and B Restaurant Opens. Bill and Phyllis Shoulders have been busy serving sandwiches, french fries and onion rings, salads, and plate lunches. Paneled inside, the restaurant, located in what used to Bea’s Place, has 875 sq ft. of dining area in addition to 288 sq. ft. of kitchen area. The Shoulders have utilized a former grocery store not in use in recent years, to obtain the added space. The grocery store and B's place were located in the same building at 746 Judy Ave. The Shoulders closed the restaurant south of the B&O tracks on Main Street early this summer after purchasing this place. Bill did most of the remodeling work himself. Kathleen Creek is the cook while Virginia Kissen also helps out in the kitchen. Julie Murray, a junior at Red Hill, works in the evening. Also helping out are the Shoulders’ daughters Vicki and Debbie. Phyllis is well experienced in restaurant work and greets customers as they come in the door. Bill has plans to remodel the exterior of the restaurant sometime in the future. He is not definite when that work will begin. Judging from the amount of business since Friday, the Shoulders are extremely optimistic about the future.

Obituaries for October  1974 as published in the Bridgeport Leader-Times**
Clarence Arnold
Betty Jean Legg
James (Granny) Kasinger
Mrs. Bertha Clarinda Cummins
John C. Swinney
Thurman Bridgett
Charles J. Kelly
Mrs. Maude White
Harry M. Rogers
Mark William Davis
Mrs. Angeline Backs
C. R. (Dick) Leach
Paul Keith Rogers
George Jackson
Mrs. Rhea Estel Schroyer
Delta Phillippe Stevens
Mrs. Ray Manwaring
Paul F. Newell
Hensley Infant
Walter M. Clark
Noel E. White
Kimberly Vowels
Anna Kathryn Polk

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 Katie Spond Behymer sent the photos below.

 Zion Methodist summer Bible school. Teachers: Mrs Jackman & Faye Lefferson
 1st row left to right:  Jim Potts, Nora Waller, Jack Potts, Katie Ann Spond, Sue Potts, Janet Akin, Joni Buchanan
Last row: Karen Roan, Mary McKenzie, Karen Lefferson, Janet Jackson, ? , Sharon Lefferson, ?,   David ? Akin  Standing back up against the wall is Wayne Wick.

1950 or 1952 Fillmore School:   
Miss Majorie Vandermark's classes of 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders. 
1st row: Larry Roan, Jack Potts, Larry Spangler,  ?  ,  Eldon Ralston,  Russel Holmes Jerry Spangler  Jim Potts
2nd row: Sandy Waller,  Mary Newell,  ?  , Katie Spond, Jo Jayne Schrader ,  ? , Evelyn Stone,  ? , Carolyn Buchanan, & Paula Greenlee
Top Row   All  unidentified  (Surely some of my 'detectives' can print out this photo and ask around for the names of the unidentified students......)