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Nestleroad and Obits July 1974

1st class postage was  raised to 10 cents from 8 cents in 1974.

Lillie Nestleroad, 52 of Bridgeport will become the officer in charge at the Bridgeport post office Friday upon the retirement of Postmaster Stanley E Brothers. Mrs. Nestleroad has been serving as assistant to the postmaster since her appointment to that position in 1971. She will assume the duties of the postmaster until a new one is appointed which may be several months from now. Mrs. Nestleroad began her career in the Postal Service in 1957 at the Bridgeport Post Office starting as a clerk. A lifelong resident of Bridgeport she is married to C. Nestleroad, custodian of Red Hill fifth and sixth grade school.

It would appear that lots of people were dying in Bridgeport, but the paper had a policy of printing obits for relatives of people living in Bridgeport or obits for people who once lived in Bridgeport or possibly even obits for people who even once thought about living there.....Talk to Kevin--He is the one doing the research.  He assures me he is providing all the news for the year 1974 that was printed in the paper.......

Obituaries for July 1974 as published in the Bridgeport Leader-Times**

Mrs. Bonnie Dillard
Ed Pipher
Gus Mieure
Harold (Pee Wee) Wright
Mrs Rae C. Force
Roy R. Rock
Jervey Perry
Edith P. Keiser
Mrs. Beatrice Pexa
Herman Lathrop
Marie Shaffer
Andrew Hampton
Irwin Mckelvey
Harvey Moyes
Justice Freed Hockman
Michael Miller Sr.
Elmer Paddick
Mrs. Lenora V. Carter
James E. Gibson
Frederick East
Levin Jones
Gerald Hardacre
Everly V. Tenney
Bonnie Wolfe
Harry Hulfachor
Mrs LuOla Roughan Foss              
Mrs Ruby Rae Minton
Ethel V. Boggess
Bennie F. Wolfe
Levin S. Jones
Mrs. Etta Graham
John A.. Wright
Arthur J. Fritschle
Mrs. Ruth W. Adams
Clyde Rister
Mrs. Cora Alice Brown
Edwin L. DuBois
Will Ice
George Collins
Robert H. Hudson
Edgar Dunlap
James E. Gibson

**Should you want a full copy of the obituary for your genealogical research, stop by the library at 125 E Olive St, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 2-4 pm or by appointment (618-945-7113).  You can also send an email of request to

The photo, sent by J Pope, is of Marjorie Vandermark, a teacher at Filmore for more that 40 years.

We  will tour the Crawford County Museum on Sunday afternoon June 29 at 2:00 pm. (If you want to carpool meet at the museum about 1:15) The museum is located in the former Schmidt Clinic 408 S. Cross Street Robinson, Illinois 62454. A $2.00 donation is expected.  Everyone is invited.