Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Methodist Village 1974 and Fillmore Memories

50 Bed Unit to Honor Dr. E.M. Dycus April 25, 1974

"The new addition now being constructed in the United Methodist Village, has been named for the man who was largely responsible for the growth of a retirement and nursing facility that is attracting nationwide attention as a model concept of its kind. It will be known as the Ernest Dycus Health Center.

Dr. Dycus was appointed administrator in 1963 when the facility was known as the Methodist Home. The new facility now under construction will add 50 beds to the nursing sector and when coupled with Wesley Center will provide a total of 160 beds, a fairly large number for nursing services, but is still unlikely to meet the demand. Dr. Dycus is looking into the possibility of a high-rise residential building which would provide at least another hundred rooms. There is also hope that a beautiful small chapel will someday grace the village area.  Hennessy Acres provides a handsome Park in which the chapel could be centered in a group of 20 or more cottages. Walkways and plantings will create a beautiful residential area. No commercial buildings or businesses will be allowed in the village."

Later the December 5 edition of the newspaper announced that the facility would be opened to the public and consecrated in an official ceremony.  The addition  cost approximately $1 million which included a Hill-Burton grant of $163,863.  All rooms had been filled at the time of the consecration, as stated in the article. 

Earlier I asked for readers to write about their memories of Fillmore: 

"This is special memory for me as I started Fillmore 1st grade in 1950 with Miss Majorie as my teacher for the first three years. All three grades in one room. Then on upstairs to teacher Marie Seed.  Mr Schrader my 7th & 8th grade years serving as principal & bell ringer from recess. WE lived right down  the gravel road from Zion church called Gray’s corner. My brother Dale Spond attended also before starting at Buchanan school in the one room south of Loos grocery store. Bille Breen was a teacher there that was in charge of our baton twirling team. Such special families of the oil field day with p.t.a. meetings including covered dish dinners at the school. Our mother cooked in the cafeteria one year with Mrs. Walls to serve the lunches to students. I remember riding the bus everyday for 8 years & passing Miss Marjorie walking to school from her house nearby. A friend of our family Mrs Ford Wagner lived beside the school that we attended Pisgah church with also. Such good memories.
   Katie Spond (Behymer)  Nashville, Tn."

"Thanks for sharing this about Fillmore School.  Brings back memories, doesn't it.  Don Holmes, Kenny Seed, Bonnie Smith and twin girls (cannot remember their names) were in my eighth grade class of 1946. Our teacher was Mrs. Seed, Robert Seeds mother.   Picture looks like I remember it.             Dale Spond"