Monday, June 16, 2014

First Girl on Little League Team 1974

Susan Wright is First Girl on Bridgeport’s Little League
Has Women’s Lib infiltrated the Bridgeport Little League? Perhaps some may say so, but all Susan Wright wants to do is play baseball.
Susan is the 12-year-old daughter of Fred and Shirley Wright of Bridgeport, Rt 1.  At recent tryouts, she became the first girl ever to make a Bridgeport Little League Team. In fact, as far as anybody can recall, she is the first girl ever to try out!

How does Susan feel about it?  “Well, I thought if boys could play baseball, girls could too.”

According to Susan, her teammates have accepted her.  “They don’t get mad at me or nothin’. They just act like I’m a guy and don’t make me feel out of place.”

Susan believes playing Little League Baseball will be fun, “and I don’t think we will lose too many games this year.  I think we will do pretty good.”

Bob Campbell is coach of the First National Bank of Bridgeport team, the one Susan is a member, and said he would not have selected Susan if he felt she would be a detriment of the team. 

“I picked her because I thought she could play Little League baseball and I think anyone who has seen her play will believe the same thing,” he said.  At the Wednesday practice she slammed a ball over the centerfield fence. 

“Before accepting Susan, I asked one of our players how he felt if a girl played on his team.  He replied that it was okay with him if she could play baseball. When I mentioned her name, he replied she could play baseball,” Campbell added.

A girl on the baseball team has not been without its problems.  “Some kids have told our players at school they have a sissy team because they have a girl as one of their members.  I told them to expect this and I’ve told Susan to expect comments like this too,” Campbell observed.

Although Campbell said that most of the Little League coaches were in agreement a girl could join a team, they may not be when the season ends, especially if Susan keeps popping the ball over the centerfield fence.