Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feb 1974

Feb 1974   40th anniversary   Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Fortney celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  They were married Feb 17,1934. 

February 1974 Obituaries in the Bridgeport Leader-Times**
Claude V. Sanders
Arthur W. St. Clair
George W. Johnson
Edna B. McNutt
Mrs Ella E. Ayers
Ralph Brian
Sumner A. Ferguson
Mary Ethel Amerman Miller
Anna C. Fallon
Fred A. Amerman
Walter Cunningham
Bradley Christopher Nead
Enridge Brown
Robert William Ford
Harold M. Baty
Jerry Tedford
Samuel E. Palmer
Mrs. Leila G. Pavey
Norman E. Lynch
James Gregg
Bernard Wayne Yarber
Mrs. Margaret McAdow
Jack Hampton (Hamp) Pinnick
Mrs. Sadie Lanker
Jess Malone
Robert S. Fiscus
Thelma Doty

**Should you want a full copy of the obituary for your genealogical research, stop by the library at 125 E Olive St, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 2-4 pm or by appointment (618-945-7113).  You can also send an email of request to