Friday, June 13, 2014

Betty Vandament and Girl Scout Leaders 1974

May 2, 1974 Mrs. Betty Vandament was  recognized for her outstanding work by the Lawrence County Girl Scout Association which  held a recognition dinner at the American Legion April 30. In the past year Betty was day camp site director, Shagbark Council board member, cadet and senior consultant and helped a great deal with senior conference. Her activities prior to this year included three three-year terms as a Shagbark Council board member, helping with day camp for many years, chaperoning two cadet trips. She was also a Brownie leader,  a Junior leader, a delegate to the National Convention in 1969 and attended the Convention in 1972.  

Following the bountiful meal, troop leaders were recognized as follows: Sharon Alspach and Jan Tipsword, Sharon Potts and Tonya Pauley, Barbara Holmes and Faith Allender, Sue Finlay and Gerri Piper, Judy Paddick and Barbara Gognat. Membership pins were presented to Barbara Gognat and Judy Paddick for five years; Elizabeth Clark for 10 years; Elsie Baker and Betty Vandament for 15 years; and Laura Martin for 30 years.

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