Friday, May 30, 2014

Sumner Press 1876 with School News

In 1896, the editor of the Sumner Press wrote an article about reviewing the first edition of the Sumner Press published in 1876.  He thought the most interesting part was the school news; we might disagree with him today, as the news and happenings in the county in 1876 might be more to our liking but nevertheless we publish this in hopes that you genealogists might find the name of one of your ancestors in the article.  

Sumner Press
February 13, 1896

Twenty Years Ago 1876
 A Peek into the First Press with Some Interesting Notes of the Public Schools

Through the kindness of Postmaster Couchman we have been permitted to look at the first copy of the Sumner Press with salutatory of J. A. Ilger, the founder, the date of the paper being January 13, 1876.

The most interesting part to us was the report of the Sumner Public School-- David Logan being the principal with Miss Maggie Myers for Intermediate and Miss Sallie Thackery for primary department. Misses Lizzie Westall and Hattie Bell to hear recitations part of the time. 307 scholars were enrolled.

In the primary department the pupils who were not absent the previous month were Oscar Baird, Len Bosart, C. Roland, Michael Burns, John Barnes, C. Landis, Stanton Sumner, Andrew Smith, Frank May, Evaline Burns, Emma Baird, Victoria Eckenrode, May Anderson, Annie Hedrick, and Millie Hinebarger.
In the intermediate department those who were not absent during the month before were Etta Sumner, George Henry, Della Gordon, Libby Perryman, Mattie Hoopes and Hattie Milligan.

Those who passed through examination in the principal’s room were Charles Abernathy, John Matthias, Henry Couchman, Hamilton Combs, C. H. Phillips, Alice Smith, Stella Walker, Hattie Bell, Mary and Eliza Anderson, Jennie Kingsbury, Jennie Sheradan, Flora Bengle, Maggie Hoopes, Lilly Barth, Rose Abernathy and Mattie Laws. Those in the principal’s room who were not absent during the previous month were Flora Brengie, Hugh Bosart, Lilly Barth, Lus Gelpin, Mary Anderson, Alice Smith, J. Matthias and C. Abernathy. There had been but three visitors in the school for three months, and no director had made his appearance.

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