Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bridge over the Wabash 1862

Thanks to Flossie P for this tidbit of history: 

THE WEEKLY WESTERN SUN  Tuesday Evening:::Nov. 25, 1862   “The Bridge Question”

“We are pleased to learn that the question of building a bridge across the Wabash at this point of time is being considered by our people.  Several prominent and enterprising gentlemen of our city and of Lawrence County, ILL., are now earnestly interested in this important subject—are getting up estimates of cost, statistics and figures of the benefits to be derived from the enterprise by all classes of business in our city.  There can be no doubt that the consummation of this project would be of immense advantage to this section, and it is something that should enlist in its favor every man who had the welfare and increased prosperity of the city at heart.  There has never been an enterprise suggested which promised so sure and large a return of the capital it will require—the only wonder is that we have so long delayed its completion.  

Save the Date:  June 1-- 2 pm  Sunday afternoon  
Memorial Service at Sumner Cemetery for George Bopp,
 the only County Police  Officer ever killed in the line of duty.  
Watch for more details.