Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Teen Center-Readied for First Jive Session-1954

Lawrence County News September 2, 1954 Teen Center to Open This Month

The Masonic Lodge has moved from the building on the West side of the square and  the Lawrenceville Civic Recreation Council is getting the big room a ready for a teenage center. The Masons worked all day Saturday transporting the piano, chairs, table and other furniture to the newTtemple at 11th and Walnut streets, and will be ready for the next stated meeting.

As soon as the Masons were out, persons interested in the teenage center began making necessary changes. The dais at the east, west and south sides of the old Lodge Hall are being removed and new flooring installed. Dick Winget  took his big floor sander to the building Tuesday night and sanded all of the old flooring. It is the present intention to treat the floors with Bruce finish.

Changes will be made in the kitchen. The door leading to the big room from the kitchen will be removed and the door opening will be changed to make a passageway to a snack bar that will extend for some distance along the south wall. Another restroom will be arranged from part of what is now the kitchen.The rooms formerly used for the storage of Lodge paraphernalia, will be utilized for the storage of  teenage equipment, and as cloak rooms. There will be sufficient room for this without using any part of the main room.

The big hall is approximately 50 x 80', and is in good condition. The walls are papered and the paper is in fair condition. The roof is good and has turned all recent rains. The center will be heated with gas. The Masons have heated it for many years with automatic gas heaters that give sufficient warmth. These are still in the room and it is thought that arrangements can be made to purchase them. The windows, which give sufficient light during the day, are covered by Venetian blinds, which, it is understood, have been left at the windows for the use of the center. These blinds were purchased only a few years ago and will last for many years.

A number of youngsters are assisting with the reconditioning of the room, and a general call for help will be issued when the big cleanup is to take place. It is hoped that the center will be ready for the first jive session by Saturday, September 11. An open house will be held later this fall.

Entrance to the center for social events will be by semester passes, or by general admission fee at the door. The semester passes will be sold at the beginning of each school semester, and they will be good for all evenings the center is open. Last year's past charge was two dollars.The center will probably be open three afternoons, from school closing until early supper hour, and three evenings. This has not been determined.

The teen center will be operated by the young people, under the supervision of older people. An election will be held and officers named. Committees will be appointed by the officers and these will have charge of the functioning of the center. The estimated number of young people who will avail themselves of the opportunity to use the center is  250. That number signified last spring that they would purchase semester passes this fall. Naturally, more money will be needed to put the place in good condition even though the young people are doing all the work, and it is hoped that more substantial donations will be made at this time.