Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maternity Ward at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital 1953

Publicity for Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Maternity Section  1953  

"This is going to be your first. For weeks now, you’ve had your overnight case standing just inside your closet door, packed with the pretty new bed jacket and robe the girls surprised you with at the shower. You made a list for Bill about things like groceries and how much milk to buy while you're away, what to do about the laundry, the light and gas bills, the phone number of the cleaning woman.  Yes, things are really under control.
And now when the time draws near, you realize how lucky you  really are... For your baby to is going to be born at the splendid new Lawrence County Memorial hospital. Here, the finest maternity care in the country is available to you.
You are taken to a pleasant room and in no time at all a capable nurse has you comfortable and snug in bed, your worries and doubts and fears fading from you by the minute as you relax under their care. Your doctor thinks this may be a difficult birth? Well, our  x-ray department will step in, then, and give him some of the answers he needs. During labor, you're not left alone for a minute... If you and your doctor decide on anesthetics for you, they’re carefully chosen to meet your particular physical requirements and a  skilled  anesthetist stands by to control and guide this relief from the pain of old-fashioned home childbirth.  Should an emergency arise, oxygen is available on an instant’s notice. The delivery rooms are specially equipped to safeguard in every way both mother and child."

And another article  also  in 1953:  
"The Lawrence County Memorial Hospital, which opened its doors to the public in July, 1950, has accommodations for 16 obstetrical cases at one time. From the moment you, the expectant mother, enter  the door of this new million-dollar hospital, your every need is carefully considered. You're not a statistic here at  Lawrence... You’re a personality. And we don't neglect expectant fathers. Here, a comfortable, colorful waiting room gives them all the pacing, cigarette smoking, fingernail chewing room they need.

Yes, the planning and development of the maternity section of Lawrence County Memorial Hospital is typical of the regard for our patients’ comfort and care which governs our entire hospital. Now, at last, the residents of Lawrence County and its surrounding area have the modern comfortable, completely equipped and staffed hospital they have so long needed."

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