Friday, October 11, 2013

Coroner's Inquests

Misc. Coroner's Inquests found in Lawrence County Court Records

Coroner’s inquest November 13, 1879 Henry Fail
He came to his death by bleeding of the lungs or hemorrhaging. Inquest at his residence.
Editor's note Henry Fail was 50 years old at his death, and was employed as a miller. The family lived in Allison Township.
Coroner's inquest January 11, 1881 Charles H Brisbin
He came to his death by chronic inflammation of lower portion of the right lobe of the liver and tuberculosis of the right lung. Inquest at Sumner Illinois
Coroner’s inquest April 18, 1881 William H Seed
He came to his death by a fit; inquest taken at Denison Township
Coroner's inquest February 7, 1882 Albert McClure
He came to his death by exposure on or about January 17, 1882. Inquest held at Bond town.
Editor's note: Albert McClure is buried at Charlottesville cemetery his age is given as 27 years four months and 12 days.
Coroner's inquest February 17, 1882 Lawrence Clark
He came to his death by exposure on or about the 17th day of February 1882. The inquest was held in Bond Town.
Coroner's inquest April 15, 1882 H.C. Laws
He came by his death by disease of the heart; inquest held at Hadley station.

(Ed note:  The  1880 census for Christy Township lists a Henry C Laws age 21 living with his wife Nancy (nee Skaggs)  age 18 and his brother Squire Laws, age 24. Henry's occupation was that of engineer, probably of a steam engine, perhaps at the saw mill where his brother worked. An inquest may have been done because Henry probably was considered too young to die of natural causes. There is no indication of suspicious circumstances. Nancy re-married two years later to Benjamin Mathias.